Find Out What Rotary is all about – come to the Caterham Arms on Monday 20th June from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Come and meet the gentlemen and ladies of Caterham Harestone Rotary and find out what they do, (apart from just raising thousands of pounds for charity each year, assisting at local events and having great fun).  Find out what Rotary is all about.

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ABBA Chique are back in Caterham


On Saturday 27th February 2016 Caterham Harestone Rotary proudly present ABBA Chique at de Stafford School in Caterham.  Tickets for this event are £20 per person and include a fish/chicken and chip supper.  A licenced bar selling beer, wine and soft drinks will also be available.  Doors open at 7:00pm with the music starting at 7:45pm.

Book now at or by ringing 01883 345678.  If you need a vegetarian meal please mention this when booking

Proceeds will go to Rotary Charities.

This is a popular event so tickets go quickly






Caterham Harestone supports Nepal Earthquake Appeal

ShelterBox Tent ready to use at the hospital
ShelterBox Tent ready to use at the hospital

Caterham Harestone Rotary funded two ShelterBoxes for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.  Each box costs £590 and contains a tent for a family of 6, sleeping bags, water purifying equipment, cooking equipment including a multi fuel stove, tools and things for children.  Caterham Harestone Rotary provide funding for ShelterBoxes regularly as it provides a safe, fast and effective means of getting aid to where it is most needed making full use of the network of 1.2 million Rotarians around the globe.

Whats in a Shelterbox


The ShelterBox operations team was first able to get a clear idea of the level of destruction when Ashish Chaulagain, who is a member of Rotary International’s youth programme Rotaract, got in touch to explain situation in the capital of Kathmandu.

Ashish said: ‘The situation is that the environment is filled with fear. Still there is an expectation of more tremors and the weather forecast has also said to be alert.  There is much damage in Kathmandu. Emergency relief is required that is for sure.’

The speed of information helped to inform ShelterBox’s decision to send an assessment team, made up of Phil Duloy (UK) and Nicola Hinds (UK) to the city.

The team arrived Monday afternoon and were met by local Rotarians, who were able to give them a full brief of the current situation.

Phil Duloy, part of the first ShelterBox response team to arrive in Nepal, said: ‘Each day the population of Nepal is experiencing thunder and heavy rains, and with the monsoon season coming, there is a possibility of flooding as well. With so many people sleeping outside, this terrible weather makes the speed of our response even more crucial.’

ShelterBox is sending shelter kits to Nepal, which will help people to clear rubble, mend structures and make sturdy temporary shelters that can be adapted and moved when needed. More ShelterBox response teams are on the way to identify the people most in need and to distribute aid.

However, ShelterBox has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics too.

Phil Duloy, ShelterBox response team member, said: ‘Most hospitals in Kathmandu have just been condemned, so we are immediately distributing our pre-positioned stocks in the city to give a space for the medical staff to treat the patients who have been evacuated in the hospital grounds.’

Fellow response team member and former nurse and midwife Nicola Hinds describes the scene at one of the hospitals. She said: ‘The devastation is enormous. My husband is a GP in Northern Ireland, and it really puts things into perspective about how lucky we are to have the NHS when you see the scene here. People are being treated in the open air with limited resources – the difference is staggering.’

ShelterBox is also sending further aid to Nepal, starting with an initial 500 shelter kits, which can be used to mend structures and create temporary shelters. However, our pre-positioned stocks of equipment in the country meant that the response team was able to start helping people whose lives have been shattered by the earthquake as soon as they arrived in the country.


We have aid pre-positioned all around the world to make sure that we can help people in need as soon as possible. Geeta Shrestha, Nursing Director at one of the four hospitals that received our tents, said: From my heart and from my hospital, I thank you.’


ShelterBox is sending an initial 500 shelter kits to Kathmandu to help provide shelter to the thousands of people who have been sleeping on the streets, despite the plummeting temperatures and thunderstorms. The shelter kits can be used in a variety of ways to help repair structures and create temporary shelters.


Local Rotarians will be further assisting ShelterBox by acting as consignee for the shelter kits, helping to import the aid into the country and take responsibility for it as it goes through customs.


The global network of Rotary clubs has been important to ShelterBox since it was formed in 2000. It was first adopted as the millennium project of the local Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard and in 2012 became Rotary International’s first project partner.


As our response in Nepal demonstrates, the partnership offers opportunities to collaborate and combine resources with Rotary clubs around the world to quickly provide emergency shelter for people affected by disasters and humanitarian crises.





Club’s Coffee Morning a Roaring Success

Back in November 2014 the club held a coffee morning in aid o the Caterham Dene Hospital at the Soper Hall.  Thanks to the enormous efforts of some of our members, the ladies from the Cancer Research team and the generosity of many local stores the morning raised in excess of £400 in about 3 hours.  We will be holding another coffee morning in mid 2015.


IMG_2085 IMG_2083 IMG_2081IMG_2079



Club Presidents Night 30th June 2014

The club saw out the old Rotary year at the Surrey National Golf Club on the last day of June with its President’s Night.  Members of the club, their partners, members of the Caterham and Titsey clubs with their partners and our friends from Bletchingley Skills Centre attended a dinner followed by presentations to Bletchingley Skill Centre and the League of Friends of Caterham Dene Hospital.

Once the formalities were out of the way the evening finished with music and dancing.

Wendy Cope from Skills Centre receives a cheque from President Graham Woodcock
Wendy Cope from Skills Centre receives a cheque from President Graham Woodcock
Jean Baker from the League of Friends of the Dene Hospital receives a cheque
Jean Baker from the League of Friends of the Dene Hospital receives a cheque


Caterham Carnival June 2014


Once again the season of fetes is upon us.  As normal this started with Caterham Carnival.  Once again we rolled out of fruit tombola.  New Rotary members Jane and Bob played a major role in the activities of the day.  Jane (featured in the photo above – don’t know what the teddy has to do with it) proved that she can translate her sales skills from her professional career to the fair ground as she proved to be a very effective barker.  The last prize went with the very last ticket in the bucket.  Money raised from this event will go to local and international Rotary supported charities.

See us at Warlingham Fayre on 21st June for another chance to win a box of fruit.

Rotary International District 1145, Club established 1987

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